Amanda Ripley


Do U.S. Principals Overestimate Poverty?

Two-thirds of U.S. principals say that more than a third of their students are from disadvantaged homes--far more than in any other country. Yet data on actual students’ lives suggests the real rate is lower. What gives?

29th Jul 2014 in Education

Higher Calling

In a handful of statehouses and universities across the country, a few farsighted Americans are finally pursuing what the world’s smartest countries have found to be the most efficient education reform ever tried.

18th Jun 2014 in Education

Sports Psychology

If you were an alien tasked with understanding the educational mediocrity of planet Earth’s wealthiest economy, this would have been the perfect week for a reconnaissance mission to America.

9th Apr 2014 in Education

The Most Creative Kids in the World?

Wherever I go, from Santiago to Seoul, I am always comforted to hear one consistently positive thing said about Americans: we may not be the wisest or the thinnest people on the planet, but we can think outside of the box! The world will give us that...

1st Apr 2014 in Education

The Girl from Finland

When Elina came to America from Finland at age 16, all she knew about American high schools she’d learned from movies. She thought every street would look like Rodeo Drive, and every Friday would be like prom night.

17th Feb 2014 in Education

How Poland Became an Education Superpower

In 2000, Polish 15-year-olds scored below average for the developed world (and below American teens) on an international test of critical thinking. Twelve years later, they ranked at the top of the world--up there with Finland and Canada, and well above the U.S.

What happened in Poland? How did a big country with a high rate of child poverty evolve from a communist backwater into an education powerhouse? 

30th Jan 2014 in Education

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