Amanda Ripley


A Boy Survivor

I’ve been reading Richard Ford’s novel Canada, told from the perspective of a 15-year-old boy whose parents—unexpectedly, disastrously—rob a bank.

6th May 2013 in General

American Exceptionalism

Marc Tucker explains why Americans are so burnt-out on tests that they might cannibalize the Common Core—the best thing to happen in American education in a long while.

29th Apr 2013 in Education

Testing America’s Patience

American students, teachers and parents are sick of tests and rightly so. Now some are taking their rage out on the Common Core...

29th Apr 2013 in Education

Reality Check: China

Sometimes when I tell Americans I am working on a book about the smartest countries in the world, they assume I mean China. I don’t.

8th Apr 2013 in Education

Hollywood Meets Higher Ed

Two of the country’s most unique exports are higher education and Hollywood. Until now, they had little reason to intersect.

11th Mar 2013 in Education

High School Sadism

Jennifer Senior has an entertaining (and deliciously illustrated) piece in New York magazine about the toxic effects of high school.

4th Feb 2013 in Education

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