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A Healthy and Prepared America

8th Apr 2009 posted in Disaster Behavior

You know, I’m sure, that this is National Public Health Week. OK, well, I’m telling you. This year’s theme, “Building the Foundation for a Healthy America,” seems especially relevant to the types of things we discuss here.

Beyond a doubt, a healthier America is a more prepared one. As Amanda points out in her book, people with low physical abilities were three times as likely to be injured while evacuating the Trade Center on 9/11. In car crashes, heavy people are more likely to die than thin people. More firefighters die from heart attacks and strokes than from fires.

A healthy American is better equipped to handle difficult or stressful situations.  Unfortunately, Americans aren’t as healthy as they can or should be.  But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Watch the American Public Health Association’s newest video about the importance of public health. 

Once you’ve done that, check out the campaign to make this the Healthiest Nation in One Generation.

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