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Breaking Up is Hard to Do…Expensive too

16th Mar 2009 posted in General

For years, the feds have been using your tax dollars to promote marriage (see Kate Boo’s award-winning 2003 New Yorker Story, “The Marriage Cure”).  These campaigns seem to be continuing under Obama, although there is little evidence to show that they work.

What does lead people to marry? And what leads them to divorce? Will the recession raise or lower the divorce rate?

According to MSNBC, British lawyers have warned that divorce rates in their country could rise as the economic recession puts pressure on marriage.  And that’s saying something. Apparently, Britain has one of Europe’s highest divorce rates.

In fact, hundreds of Brits went to the UK’s first-ever divorce fair today in Brighton, where attendees received free advice from lawyers, counselors, and even astrologers.  The fair was touted as the only event to help newly-single people “bounce back from relationship break ups and life crises.”

Meanwhile, other stories predict a slowdown in divorces— because breaking up is expensive.  Unfortunately, that’s not to say that people aren’t breaking up. Some couples are forced to live together because the cost of maintaining two homes is proving nearly impossible.  Even divorce attorneys say that staying together could save thousands of dollars. And with that kind of advice, we may not need a divorce fair here.