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Caldera Resigns

9th May 2009 posted in Resilience

Louis Caldera, director of the White House Military Office, the same one responsible for the recent NYC flyover, has resigned. In his resignation letter to a furious President Obama, Caldera wrote that the situation had become a distraction—an extremely expensive distraction, too. According to military officials, the mission and accompanying photo shoot cost the American people $328,835. The White House also released a seven-page report and a photo of the flyover yesterday (the report can be downloaded here).  The report points to a series of miscommunications, namely that Caldera failed to read an email informing him of the flyover until after the incident had already occurred. According to CNN, the sole responsiblity of informing important people such as White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs lay with Caldera. Not surprisingly, Obama has ordered a review of the White House Military Office