Amanda Ripley


Politics Interrupted

I spent the last few months investigating how the US could get more women (and better men) into elected office for a new POLITICO story.

12th Jun 2017 in General

The Long Half-Life of Half-Baked Laws

So far this year, legislators in at least 16 states have introduced bills designed to rein in protesters--by, for example, banning the use of masks during protests or by indemnifying drivers who strike activists with their cars.

Laws like this jeopardize free speech, needless to say. But they also tend to mutate over time, serving new and unintended purposes long after the protesters they were meant to control have started collecting Social Security. We know this because we have followed this playbook before, almost to the letter.

15th Mar 2017 in Education

Inequality, Broken Marriages & Donald Trump

“Let it be said at once: Trump’s victory is primarily due to the explosion in economic and territorial inequality in the United States over several decades and the incapacity of successive governments to deal with these.” – Thomas Piketty, economist and author of Capital in the Twenty-First Century, in Le Monde on Nov. 15, 2016

31st Jan 2017 in General

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