Amanda Ripley


The Long Half-Life of Half-Baked Laws

So far this year, legislators in at least 16 states have introduced bills designed to rein in protesters--by, for example, banning the use of masks during protests or by indemnifying drivers who strike activists with their cars.

15th Mar 2017 in Education

How to Graduate from Starbucks

Last summer, Starbucks announced it would begin paying for its employees to finish college. Here's what happened next. A behind-the-scenes look at the first semester at Starbucks U.

22nd Apr 2015 in Education


Author Elizabeth Green and I talk about hate mail, unicycles at recess and the very real possibilities for reimagining teaching in America.

1st Oct 2014 in Education

Teaching Revealed

A refreshing new book chronicles how teachers are made—not born—and what it will take to move the U.S. into the next frontier of education reform.

26th Sep 2014 in Education

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