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High-Rise Simulation

23rd Mar 2009 posted in Disaster Behavior

On Thursday, the FDNY unveiled the nation’s first and only high-rise fire simulator.  And in a city chock-full of high-rises, this is a great and much-needed improvement to the FDNY’s training programs.  The simulator, funded almost exclusively by actor Dennis Leary’s foundation (The Leary Firefighters Foundation), was a long time coming.  The four-story, 4,000 square-foot-space simulates the conditions of the particularly brutal high-rise fire. According to The Leary Firefighters Foundation, the simulator is an essential tool for the FDNY:

“High-rise, multiple dwelling fires are among the most complex and dangerous incidents for firefighters. These buildings hold in heat and fire gasses that can quickly spread, creating punishing conditions for fire personnel. The High-Rise Simulator will recreate the dangerous environment in which split-second, life or death decisions by firefighters are made…The practical skills learned through exercise in the Simulator will build the firefighter’s knowledge and confidence and serve as an important tool in addressing the safety of both civilians and rescue personnel.”

FDNY engine and ladder companies will train at the Randalls Island simulator over the next few months.