5 Myths of Homeland Security

In the Washington Post, Stephen Flynn has a nice round-up of the nation’s Top 5 shared delusions on homeland security. Flynn has spent the past several years tirelessly pointing out the great irony of 9/11: The only people who prevented a terrorist attack that day were regular people. The passengers on Flight 93 likely saved the lives of some of the very same DC politicians and pundits who have, for the past 8 years, utterly ignored the contribution that regular people make to homeland security.

Meanwhile, the Best Comment Award for Flynn’s piece goes to ExportLaw:

“My ancestors who fought the Brits at Kings Mountain and Cowpens didn’t fight for a government capable of protecting them - that’s what the British Crown offered. They fought for a government that was respectful of them and their rights such that they could and would protect their government.”


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