Almost American!

Here’s something that I never thought I would see happen: A DC voting-rights bill is moving to the Senate floor as of today. Putting aside the fact that it’s 200 years late, it’s a good day to be an American. Or almost American, that is.

I live in a city with the second highest taxes in the nation, a city with more people than Wyoming, a city that is home to the nation’s most precious symbols and now apparently in charge of the banks, the car companies and holding up the sky. But we don’t have a member of Congress who can vote on the floor.

Did you know that? I am convinced most Americans don’t even realize this is true. How else to explain the fact that this has gone on so long? (Well, there are plenty of theories, but let’s try to stay positive.)

This morning, Senators agreed to consider the bill, which would give DC its first seat ever in the House of Representatives. There’s a good chance the House will pass the measure, and Pres. Obama has said he will sign it. But it ain’t over yet. The debate in the next few days and weeks will be intense. (And if the measure passes, the whole thing will go to the courts. But again, let’s try, really try, to stay positive. Dammit.)

Seriously, I hate to get all righteous and needy on you. But I have to ask. If you live in America—the parts of America where you have representation in Congress—please call your Senators and members of Congress and ask them to do the right thing. This city has been messed with in all kinds of unholy ways by Congress, and many of its unique pathologies can be traced back to its powerlessness. So enough is enough already. Call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at 202.224.3121 or send an email.

OK, thanks.

GeneralAmanda Ripley