Anthrax on Acid

I just got back from Frederick, MD, the town that has become the epicenter of the anthrax investigation. (Twice!) The latest developments in this strange and seemingly endless mystery are dizzying to the point of nauseating.

Basically, the FBI’s latest suspect killed himself last week in Frederick, before any charges had been filed. So the story broke before the feds were ready to go public. The end result was a great, gaping void. While the FBI waited to get clearance to make its evidence public, reporters speculated, officials leaked and scientists buzzed. The news cycle waits for no one, and definitely not for truth.

Supposedly, we will get more clarity (in the form of evidence, one hopes) tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned. This is actually a very important case in the history of bioterrorism—and crime and the FBI. But it has gone on for so long, with so little resolution, that it can be hard to keep up.

GeneralAmanda Ripley