FEMA Nominee Blocked by Senator

CQ reports that Republican Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana has blocked Craig Fugate’s nomination to run FEMA. Quite a surprise, since he sailed through the Senate Homeland Security earlier this week.

Check out the alleged reason for Vitter’s hold, as reported by the Miami Herald

“Vitter’s concerns…apparently relate to FEMA’s maps of controversial ‘high-velocity flood zones,’ a designation related to coastal areas that are at high risk in a hurricane or an area that faces significant risk in the event of a flood. Federal regulations currently prohibit FEMA from funding new construction in such zones, and Louisiana officials want more flexibility.”

Wow. So if this is right, he’s blocking the confirmation of a seasoned emergency manager (during a national emergency, no less) because he wants FEMA to fund new construction in high-risk flood zones?

Irony: Thick and swampy, like a Louisiana summer.