Fighting the Good Fight


All over the country, programs are being cut, buildings are being abandoned. To save money, people need to make hard choices, and some of them will be wrong.

What you don’t often hear are the ways that regular people are creating new things to save the old ones, one YouTube video at a time. Over the past month, my friend Suzy has harangued her friends, pestered her neighbors, enlisted her children, spoken at rallies, organized petitions, and driven bureaucrats to the brink of despair to hold onto her neighborhood nature center in Arlington, VA. The people in this little community now know each other a little better, and the kids now understand the civilized tedium of a county board public meeting.

We’ll find out what happens in the next week or so, but I think it’s safe to say that Suzy and her neighbors will come out of this more resilient than they were before. Go Suzy Go!

GeneralAmanda Ripley