“Knowing that You Know,” and Other Lesser Known Survival Tips

I did the Diane Rehm show today, which was a blast. (Rarely do you get an hour of media time to talk about anything, let alone an obsession that you’ve been researching for years.)

But I wanted to share with you what one listener sent in by email during the show. I wish I could have said it half as well:

From Jerry in O’Fallon, Missouri:

“I spent over 15 years training airline pilots and flight attendants in emergency procedures. Here’s what I know: Everyone has a moment of panic. The trick is to move past that and begin to figure out where you are and what you should do now. And the best way to do that is to have lived this moment before—in drills and in your imagination. It’s not knowing what to do that will save you. It’s knowing that you know what to do.”