Politics & Prose Reading

The other day, I did a book event at Politics & Prose, a fabulous book store in DC. You can listen to it on NPR, and if you speed through the not-so-thrilling part where I am yapping (to about minute 16), you start to hear the questions. People’s comments were smart, thoughtful and sometimes a little weird—in a good way.

I couldn’t believe how fun it was, to tell you the truth. There was even a seismologist there, along with one of the foremost experts on building safety in the world, all of which was a little intimidating. But they were gentle.

One of the nice things about this topic is that everyone has a unique and valuable story. You’d be surprised how many people have had life-or-death experiences—and the details are often very different from what you would expect. Some of them have shared their stories in comments on this site, and each one is remarkable in its own way.

GeneralAmanda Ripley