The Smartest Kids in the World


I’m excited to tell you about a new book I’m working on. The title is, THE SMARTEST KIDS IN THE WORLD. The book chronicles the stories of three American teenagers embedded in countries with superior education outcomes. I cannot wait to introduce you to these kids—all of whom have bravely left their American high schools to spend a year studying and living abroad.

Through them, I am learning what it would be like if America could do what a dozen other countries have done—and find a way to educate all kids to high standards, regardless of how much money their parents earn or where they live.

As I head out on this adventure, I’ll be posting updates and sharing what I discover along the way. You can follow my adventure on Twitter @smartkidsbook.

For now, here are a few stories that I’ve already written related to the book:

TIME Magazine: Korea’s Crackdown on Studying Sept 2011

The Atlantic Magazine:
 America vs. the World Dec 2010

Brilliance in a Box—the Best Classrooms in the World Oct 2010

More updates soon!

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