The Smartest Kids in Ohio

My website is alright. But it's not designed by high school students who are learning to be teachers one day.

What if it were?

It turns out that several Lakota East High School juniors in Cincinnati have built websites about The Smartest Kids in the World. All three students are considering becoming teachers one day. I met them through the Future Educators Association, a national organization for high schoolers who are interested in teaching. (I spoke at their annual conference--where I encountered the most fired-up audience I have ever seen at an education event. There were cheers! There was spontaneous applause! There were noise complaints from other hotel guests! It was awesome.)

Anyway, I am honored that they featured the book in this way. They did an excellent job. If you are a teacher or a student looking for ways to provoke discussion about the book, there are some great quizzes, discussion ideas, opinions and resources here:

Thank you Erin, Rachel and Maya. I hope you do become teachers, for the sake of the rest of us, and I hope you will continue to share your revelations and experiences along the way.