The Taj Reopens

I found myself unable to blink (or even breathe) as I read today’s full-page New York Times ad for the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower in Mumbai. I understand it’s a business, and it’s important and admirable that it reopened so quickly after terrorists killed dozens of guests and workers. I understand that no one wants to mention dead people in an ad like this. But still.

“We’re bringing back the champagne flutes…impeccable butler service, luxury Jaguar transfers and splendid suites.”

Really? No mention of the courage it takes to rebuild and return to life in the shadow of grief? No talk of forging ahead—without forgetting? I don’t know the right way to advertise for a hotel after a terrorist attack, and it does seem like the Taj and its many dedicated employees have done a remarkable job of mourning and repairing under enormous strain. But willful omission may not be the solution.

GeneralAmanda Ripley